Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses

Small Business on a Budget? 5 Proven Methods to Help

Local mobile marketing is a virtual goldmine! However, given the marketing activities of many small businesses, you’d probably never know this.

The age of the smart phone is here but many small local business owners are still in the dark ages. They are playing catch up with their clients and their behavior. An interesting survey showed of 500 small business owners showed on 26 percent of respondents invested time and money in optimizing their website for mobile devices! Exactly what does this mean for small businesses? It means this is a excellent time to stand out from the crowd. The mobile customers are ripe for the picking and you’re in prime position to reap the rewards!

More than fifty percent of all searches are being done on a mobile device and you being a small business owner can take advantage of that. Even a small business on a tight budget can use these five ways to target mobile users.

  1. Mobile Optimized Site – Making sure that the site is optimized properly for mobile is step one, and without it almost everything else doesn’t matter. Be sure it is designed with mobile in mind, and is available on all platforms. According to market research from Google, 61 percent of consumers will leave a website if it’s not optimized for mobile.
  2. Get into Mobile Ads – As surprising as it might seem, mobile ad platforms can be cheap and effective. Also, there is a lot of inventory going unsold every month, keeping prices down. Now would be the time to explore mobile ads.
  3. SMS and Push Notifications – SMS messages (text messages) have a high open rate. According to Frost and Sullivan, they are opened at an amazing 95 percent! Push notifications are another great method to keep in touch with your customers who choose to opt-in.
  4. Combining Mobile and Your Social Media – Nothing says social media like real-time connections with your customer base. This is the latest trend and even the smallest of businesses can get in on the craze by combining their social media site with a mobile devices. Combine specials, events, coupons or link a YouTube video to create buzz. Then Tweets and traffic will soon start coming to your web site. The next thing you know your site’s search engine ranking will begin climbing and so will your Google . However, the best part is, you’ll be connecting with your customer base in a real-time way and they will give you valuable feedback.
  5. Location Based Marketing and Passbook – Make sure you’re capable of being found through the various location based mobile services like Foursquare and Yelp, as well as look into new technology like Passbook, a terrific new app that allows users to store coupons, boarding passes, gift cards, event tickets, store cards,  and other types of mobile payment.

Using mobile marketing in local business doesn’t need to be either complicated or pricey. The key is to accumulate knowledge first, and add pieces as you go.

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