Paid Ads Management

Paid Ads Management is the process of managing your online ad spend on channels such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.

The idea behind pay-per-click campaigns sounds simple enough and search engines spend a lot of money trying to demystify it for the average marketer. But with any successful platform, complexity becomes inevitable. Keeping up with the changes takes time, effort, and knowledge that most people do not possess.

With our added expertise we can trim back the "fat" and bring a stronger return on your investment. We know how to generate traffic via paid search, and more importantly, how to generate profits.

We manage pay-per-click campaigns for a variety of clients across the country, from local businesses to enterprise level corporations. The reason we succeed at this where so many other agencies fail is because we drive results. Not just traffic, but results. We know you're here because you want to grow profits. Partner with us to help make that happen.

Our pay-per-click services entail the following services:

  1. Initial campaign analysis and ad group setup
  2. Extensive keyword research & expansion
  3. Conversion tracking setup & monitoring
  4. Split-test ad setup
  5. Ongoing ad optimization based on split-test results
  6. Ongoing keyword optimization based on conversion data
  7. Monthly Performance Report

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