Strategic Partnerships

One of the biggest reasons for our success is our strategic partnership program. We've purposely avoided the big agency model where we try to offer every digital marketing service under the sun. In our experience, those types of agencies hardly ever serve the best interests of their clients. 

Instead, we focus on what we do best -- PPC marketing -- and let others do what they do best. We partner strategically with other digital marketing companies such as web designers and graphic designers who want a reliable place to direct their customers without worrying about losing them.

We don't offer those types of services and have purposely stayed within our niche because it's what we do best. As such, you can safely refer your clients knowing that our goal is to help enhance your existing relationships.

What's more is we offer a generous referral fee that allows you to develop a secondary revenue stream from your existing client base. 

Why should you choose to partner with Exact Click Digital?

  •  Because we are experts.  We aren't your typical marketing firm focusing on impressions and getting just internet traffic, we focus on driving real results that convert into new business and paying customers.
  • Personalized Quality Service.  You and your clients won't just be another line on our client list.  We believe in giving our partners and customers the time and attention they deserve by providing  personalized quality service and profitable results.
  • We don't believe in long-term client contracts.  Why? Because we stand behind our work and quite frankly, we don't have to lock our clients down. Our partners & clients stay because we get them results.
  • We are an Adwords Partner.  With our  expertise we can trim back the “fat” of online ad spend and bring a stronger return on investment. We know how to generate traffic via paid search, and more importantly, how to generate profits
  • We are Experienced.  We didn't pop up yesterday and we aren't a big company that will give your clients sticker shock with a big bill and disappointing results. We've been at this since 2007.  We know what works and stay abreast to the ever changing marketing world.
  • Augment your income.  Partnering with us allows you to develop a second stream of income from your existing client base through our generous referral program. 

You deserve a partner you can trust to provide your clients quality service and profitable results.  Contact Exact Click Digital today to see how we can help you and your clients.  

A Few Successful Client Collaborations

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