We've driven over 1,000,000 conversions since 2007.

What Our Clients Say

With an average order value of over $1,000 we knew we needed someone with experience running ads for a high-volume store like ours. This team has consistently delivered excellent ROAS (7x) at scale on Facebook & Google. They fit with our team seamlessly. You won't find any group more knowledgable or dedicated to their clients so stop wasting your time and call ECD! 

David Lykins


We've had great success working with ECD on Google and Facebook Ads. Their approach has helped us create profitable campaigns that consistently drive high returns & high AOV. Their retargeting approach breathed new life into our middle of funnel marketing (ROAS now consistently 1,000%+ with scale). If you're looking for help with e-commerce ads, this is the right place! 

Todd McCormick


Our store has a higher Average Order Value than most which makes online advertising more challenging in many ways. ECD's work has driven a ROAS of 9x across multiple channels consistently. Phone sales and web sales have grown as a result. Our campaigns deliver the results we need. I highly recommend this team for online advertising, especially for ecommerce. 

Jeremy Floyd


With an Average Order Value of $400+, it takes a unique approach to make online ads work. Working with ECD we have consistently maintained a nearly 8x ROAS across Google, Facebook, and Bing. Their approach has helped us maximize online and phone sales in a way we never could before. Any brand that works with them is in good hands. 

Rob Simpson

Source 4

With Leo's approach we have been able to maintain a 10x return across multiple channels even during our slow season. If you need help with online ads, and especially if you have a high Average Order Value store, I highly recommend Leo and his team. They'll take care of you with strong communication and a relentless focus on driving results.

Jeff Hubrig


ECD's e-commerce techniques are killer! We've used this team on Facebook, Google, Bing, & Amazon. Their techniques consistently drive impressive results for us & their communication is superb. The way they segment campaigns between lower and top of funnel has been a huge benefit to Mission Belt. I highly recommend them. 

Zac Holzapfel

Mission Belt


When bigger is definitely not better.

When you look to the big agencies to take you to the next level, you're looking in the wrong place. Big agencies are filled with inexperienced and inefficient staff. The biggest impression they make is the price they charge for mediocre service. In this case, bigger is almost never better.


Why we don't believe in long-term contracts.

Imagine going to a dentist who requires you to sign a long-term contract in order to get service, locking you in before you have a chance to evaluate the service. And yet, that's how most agencies operate. It's a self-serving model that doesn't work in your best interest. With us, you stay as long as you're happy. No long-term contracts here.


The bottom line is what matters.

What matters most to a business is that the dollars in are greater than the dollars out. Optimizing for impressions or even clicks is a great way to pad Google's bottom line but it won't guarantee success for you. That's why we focus on real results that matter: sales, phone calls, leads, conversions.

A Few Successful Client Collaborations

Let Us Help You Grow

We're a boutique firm that provides paid advertising services to businesses that want to grow. With us, you get experience and dedicated support at a fair price. Let us help you like we've helped dozens of other businesses.

Paid Ads Management

We can help you trim back the “fat” and bring a stronger ROAS *at scale*. Our paid ads approach has scaled many ecommerce brands and we're confident it will work for yours as well. It's what we do.

E-commerce Scaling

Looking to scale an e-commerce business profitably? Paid ads is hands-down the best way to achieve that. We leverage our retail ad-buying prowess using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing, and Amazon. 

Fractional Digital Marketing

Need short-term help while you search for the perfect in-house candidate? We know it takes time to find the right hire. Take the pressure off with our fractional Digital Marketing service. 

Why You Should Work With Us

New marketing firms pop up every day claiming to have the latest and greatest way to maximize your business online. But very few have the history to back up their claims. What you're left with is a slick sales script, a big bill, and a whole lot of broken promises. Exact Click Digital has broken through the noise the only way our clients care about: real results with real customers. That’s one reason why we’re a certified Google Partner.

As students of internet marketing, we combine the best tactics of today with the tried and true methods of the past to give your business the best possible exposure online. Our innovation involves more than just getting you exposure. We go the next step to make sure you actually get more customers from our services. After all, you can’t pay the bills with website traffic. You need the right KIND of website traffic; the kind that turns into customers. That’s where we come in.

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