We've driven over 1,000,000 pay-per-click conversions since 2007.

Pay-per-click Management

As a certified Google Adwords Partner, we are qualified to manage your campaign. We can help you trim back the “fat” and bring a stronger return on your investment. We know how to generate traffic via paid search, and more importantly, how to generate profits.

E-commerce Scaling

Looking to scale an e-commerce business profitably? Paid ads is hands-down the best way to achieve that. We leverage our retail ad-buying prowess using Adwords, Bing Ads, Amazon, Facebook, Comparison Shopping Engines, Retargeting, Social Media, & more. 

Fractional Digital Marketing

Need short-term help while you search for the perfect candidate? We know it's a tight labor market. Take the pressure off with our fractional Digital Marketing service. We'll keep things flowing smoothly and free you up to be patient looking for the perfect fit.


When going big means going home.

Many businesses look to the big agencies to take them to the next level. Unfortunately, most big agencies are filled with inexperienced and inefficient reps. The biggest impression they often make is the price they charge for mediocre service. In this case, bigger is almost never better.


Why we don't believe in client contracts.

Imagine going to a dentist who requires you to sign a long-term contract in order to get service, locking you in before you have a chance to evaluate him. And yet, that's how most agencies operate. It's a self-serving model that doesn't work in your best interest. With us, you stay as long as you're happy. No long-term commitments.


Why impressions are a terrible metric.

What matters most to a business is that the dollars in are greater than the dollars out. Optimizing for impressions or even clicks is a great way to pad Google's bottom line but it won't guarantee success for you. That's why we focus on real results that matter: sales, phone calls, leads, conversions.

A Few Successful Client Collaborations

Let Us Help You Grow

We're a boutique firm that provides paid advertising services to businesses that want to grow. With us, you get experience and dedicated support at a fair price. Let us help you like we've helped dozens of other businesses.

Why You Should Work With Us

New marketing firms pop up every day claiming to have the latest and greatest way to maximize your business online. But very few have the history to back up their claims. What you're left with is a slick sales script, a big bill, and a whole lot of broken promises. Exact Click Digital has broken through the noise the only way our clients care about: real results with real customers. That’s one reason why we’re a certified Google Partner.

As students of internet marketing, we combine the best tactics of today with the tried and true methods of the past to give your business the best possible exposure online. Our innovation involves more than just getting you exposure. We go the next step to make sure you actually get more customers from our services. After all, you can’t pay the bills with website traffic. You need the right KIND of website traffic; the kind that turns into customers. That’s where we come in.

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