Using Google Merchant Promotions to Improve ROAS by 114%

Part of maximizing your ad performance is taking advantage of features that give you an unfair advantage over your competitors.

Part of maximizing your ad performance is taking advantage of features that give you an unfair advantage over your competitors.

Not unfair in the sense that it’s unethical, but unfair because most advertisers don’t take the time to use all the tools available. Merchant Promotions is one of those tools.

First, what is it? Have you ever seen this when shopping online?

It may not seem like much of an advantage to have the words “Special Offer” appear on your listing, but believe me, it can make a huge difference. Here’s a recent campaign that showed the promotion improved click-thru rate by 26%.

Not bad, right?

Now keep in mind, you can’t always run a promotion. If you could, everyone would always run them and they’d become meaningless. So that means you have to pick your battles, so to speak, and run promos when it really matters.

Here’s a great article explaining in detail how Promotions works. But the basic summary is this:

First, apply to the Promotions program if that tab doesn’t appear in your Merchant account (takes 1-3 days for approval). Once approved, follow these steps to create a promotion:

Alternatively you can use a product feed to upload the same details shown in the above video, but for most promotions it’s easiest to do it the way I’ve shown you.

So what kind of results can Promotions drive besides increased click-thru rate? How about ROAS improvements of 14-116% compared to a normal time period? 

You may not drive such dramatic results with every promotion, but this is a tool you should definitely be taking advantage of because odds are, your competitors are snoozing on it.

How to Dominate Online

Merchant Promotions is powerful but it’s of course just one piece of the online advertising puzzle. To really succeed at it, you need a proven system that will drive predictable results without having to spend hours poring over data. I don’t do that and neither should you!

And it wouldn’t hurt to have a 14-year industry vet (me) available to answer questions. You get both with my full e-commerce advertising course. Check it out and see if it’s a fit for you. I’d love to help you maximize your online revenue!

Or for a managed solution, book a Strategy Session to discuss your e-commerce advertising.

Leo Ebbert

Leo Ebbert

Leo Ebbert is a 14-year internet marketing veteran who has helped dozens of E-commerce businesses dominate their space online.

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